Cut Down To Size

2017. I was talking to someone who I hadn’t yet realised wasn’t my friend. At the time, I was only just beginning to think about undertaking an Honours year. I was explaining the process to them, focusing on the marks you need to achieve to be considered – because that’s what they asked me. They … Continue reading Cut Down To Size

K-pop and a Researcher’s Cultural Framework

 For this project, I want to draw my attention to writing 'aesthetic and evocative thick descriptions of personal and interpersonal experience’ (Ellis et al. 2012). In terms of who I am in relation to this research, I am fairly separate from the project. If I wasn't taking Digital Asia as an elective, I wouldn’t have any interest … Continue reading K-pop and a Researcher’s Cultural Framework

Bad Birthday

Last week I turned 21 years old, and spoiler alert – it sucked. I’m not a birthday person. I feel sad and lost around my birthday. It’s hard to explain, since physically I'm prepared to age another year but I can’t accept the mental burden. I didn’t want to turn 21. I had been saying … Continue reading Bad Birthday


I started my first job when I was nineteen – I had been searching for over a year and an opportunity for casual work came up an ideal seven minutes away from my house, with good pay, and it required no qualifications. I took it. In the book Vulnerable Workers and Precarious Working, the terms … Continue reading Liability

Australian Cinema, Market Failure, and Cultural Cringe

The Australian film industry is unique, yet it is under-utilised. With its debut in 1906 with the production of The Story of the Kelly Gang, Australian cinema has been through many trials and tribulations. Often labelled as ‘boom or bust’, there are many significant elements that contribute to the way the industry operates in Australia. This essay … Continue reading Australian Cinema, Market Failure, and Cultural Cringe